Best Cordless Drill Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Although even the best cordless drill may fall short of delivering the same punch as its corded counterparts, what it lacks in power it makes up for in versatility and convenience. With the market brimming with numerous variations, selecting the right drill may be a cumbersome task for those venturing into the world of cordless drills.

This is why we’ve picked out 8 of the best cordless drills for you to consider as you embark on your search for the one that suits you best.

1.DeWalt DCD795D2 Cordless Drill Review

This brushless offering from DeWalt is hands down one of the most reliable drills on the market. With the DCD795D2, DeWalt manages to pack tremendous power in a lightweight body, giving users a device that is truly remarkable.

Don’t let its compact size fool you because this machine is an unmatched beast when it comes to some serious maintenance and renovation around the house. From putting up a shelf to building a deck, the DCD795D2 performs well in every role it’s put in, delivering Consistent performance that you come to depend on after a while.

Big Power in a Small Package

When a powerful 20V battery gets coupled with a brushless motor, the DCD795D2’s exceptional power is what you get. With the motor producing 238 in-lb. of pure torque and pushing the drill speed to about 2000 RPM, this tool intends to rewrite perceptions of cordless drills.

XR Lithium-Ion Battery

Lithium-ion batteries provide considerable longevity on their own, but DeWalt’s XR Li-ion pack takes things a step further. The XR batteries can charge completely in a matter of half an hour and last a considerable amount of time. Undertaking a task that spans a good 4-5 hours shouldn’t be a problem for this machine, and it will get to the end of it in a single charge.


  • 20V XR Li-ion battery
  • Brushless motor
  • 1/2″ chuck
  • The maximum speed of 2000 RPM
  • Peak torque of 238 in-lb.

  • • Lightweight
  • • Brushless technology
  • • Compact design
  • • Long-lasting battery
  • • Incredible power
  • • Struggles with heavier renovation tasks
  • • Chucks gets loose while drilling
  • • A bit pricey

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

This machine is an absolute customer favorite, despite some of its design drawbacks like a loose chuck. This is because the value that it provides is too difficult to pass upon. Its build quality makes it extremely easy to hold and use for longer periods. Users have also remarked positively on the tool’s battery charging speed and its reliability during a long task.

Except for a loose chuck which a few customers have pointed out, there isn’t much to not like in this beast of a drill. Some people have pointed out how the machine is too expensive when, in fact, the performance that it provides in comparison to other tools in its price range leaves its competition trailing behind.

The DeWalt DCD795D2 presents itself as the perfect drill for the average homeowner who wants a powerful yet easy-to-use device for day-to-day maintenance tasks and moderate home improvements. You will be hard-pressed to find many other devices that match it in terms of value and performance.

2.DeWalt DCF620B 20V Max Brushless Screw Gun Review

The DCF620B from DeWalt is, without a doubt, one of the best drywall screw guns in the market with its long-lasting battery, remarkable speed, and incredible power.

This screw gun has been specifically designed to drive screws in all kinds of studs, from wood to steel. It is sure to change the outlook of contractors and handymen who make a point of avoiding cordless machines because of their insufficient power, slow driving speed, excessive weight, and abysmal battery life.

Brushless Motor

This machine features a brushless motor that enhances its performance enough to make it a viable replacement for corded alternatives. The motor can achieve an astonishing screw speed of 4400 RPM and when coupled with the included 20V 2 Ah battery, it enables the machine to drive as many as 2250 coarse-thread screws per charge.

Adjustability Options

The DeWalt DCF620B’s power is surely beyond comparison but so are the extra features it comes bundled with that work to enhance control. One such feature is the adjustable driving depth that lets users control who deep they want the screws to be driven in. Other features include a lock-on switch, a belt clip, and an LED work light. The machine is also compatible with a number of add-on accessories like an auto-feed magazine and a drywall cutout tool that only add to its versatility.


  • 20V Li-ion battery
  • Brushless motor
  • The maximum speed of 4400 RPM
  • Weighs around 3.3 pounds

  • • Brushless technology
  • • Adjustable driving depth
  • • Powerful and long battery
  • • LED light
  • • No storage case

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

As a screw gun, this machine is exceptionally powerful and versatile, and customers have noticed how it drastically cut down on their task completion time. Users noted that this was in part because of the machine’s collated screw system. Those who chose to couple that with the auto-feed magazine observed even quicker completion times. The fact that the machine can drive screws through almost any metal also made it a favorite among users.

However, some users complained about the lack of added accessories and the need to purchase additional tools in order to make the machine perform at its peak efficiency. Other customers complained about the absence of a storage case that most drills and screw guns come with for more efficient storage.

All in all, the DeWalt DCF620B is a professional-grade screw gun that packs tremendous power in a compact body. Although it is targeted at professionals, homeowners can also benefit from its raw power, and a price tag that is not too out of reach makes it a great option for most homes.

3.Hitachi 3.6 Volt Dual-Position Power Screwdriver Review

Anyone who knows even a bit about power tools must be aware of Hitachi as a maker of professional-grade tools priced comfortably within the approach of the average handyman. The DB3DL2 is no different.

For its size, this is a powerful device that holds its own against regular drilling tasks in hardwood. However, what it truly shines is as a screwdriver. At an affordable price point, this machine is a must-have around the house as a secondary drill and an everyday screwdriver for regular maintenance tasks. The Hitachi DB3DL2 is one of the best machines in its category in terms of power, balance, and durability.

Dual-Position Handle

The dual-position handle on this machine means it can be used in a 90-degree position like a regular drill or in a straight position like a screwdriver. The adjustable handle gives users greater control over where they use the machine.

Light Battery

The battery is heavy on longevity and light on charging time and weight. The 3.6V lithium-ion battery is sufficient enough to not require a recharge for quite some time, especially when the device is being used primarily as a screwdriver. The machine is light enough to make you forget it is actually a drill yet powerful enough to be used as one if need be.


  • 6V Li-ion battery
  • 1/4” chuck
  • Maximum speed of 780 RPM
  • Peak torque of 44 in-lb.

  • • Lightweight
  • • 21 adjustable chuck configurations
  • • Compact design
  • • Incredible value for money
  • • Not suitable for heavier tasks

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

One aspect of the machine that garnered a lot of praise is its charger. The charger is fast enough to replenish the battery in about half an hour. In case you forget to remove the battery from the charger once it is done charging, there is no need to worry. The charger comes with an automatic cut-off feature that prevents the battery from draining if it is not removed after a complete charge.

Although the machine leaves a majority of users satisfied, there is one recurring complaint about the device. Users have complained that the adjustable dual handle can’t be locked in either of the two positions, so it is easy for it to slip and change its position while it is being used. Although this is a valid concern, this can be avoided by holding it still during the screwing process.

This handy screwdriver is a nice little gadget for anyone who usually works only on light drilling tasks through wood and light metal. A cheap price and tons of utility make it an everyday maintenance essential for any home.

4.Milwaukee 2605-20 M18 Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee is a company intent on phasing out corded drills, and the 2605-20 M18 is its rather successful attempt at a hybrid.

The 2605-20 M18 is a cordless drill that attempts to push the boundaries of power for cordless drill machines and succeeds. It is made for drilling into concrete and although it does not have the same amount of concrete smashing power that a corded hammer drill would, it is an efficient compromise.

AVS System

AVS is Milwaukee’s anti-vibration system, which it flaunts with this machine. This system mechanically separates the handle and the machine’s active anvil system to reduce the effect of hand-numbing vibrations. The system works, especially when this beast of a drill is firing away at a speed of 1400 RPM with a tremendous power of 1.8 ft-lb.

Dedicated Hammer Mode

The machine comes with a dial on the left side of its body that can alternate the operational modes between Drill, Hammer Drill, and Hammer Only. The latter unleashes the machine’s true potential and you can use it to break small segments of concrete if need be. This is a welcome addition that pushes the machine into the big leagues of cordless drills.


  • 18V RedLithium battery
  • 7/8” chuck
  • Maximum rotary speed of 1400 RPM
  • Maximum hammer speed of 4800 BPM
  • Peak torque of 1.8 ft-lb.
  • AVS system
  • Weighs around 7.2 pounds

  • • Lighter than conventional hammer drills
  • • Excellent grip
  • • Effective anti-vibration
  • • Sufficient power
  • • Heats up easily

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Customers have nothing but praise for this versatile hammer drill, and we actually had a hard time finding any issues with the machine. Users have praised the machine’s compromise between power, weight, and precision. They noted how powerful the machine is when they need it to be but how much lighter it is from a regular hammer drill. This makes it exceedingly versatile and efficient as both a rotary and a hammer drill.

Some customers did note that the machine heats up easily, but this is fairly common in tools with both a battery and a motor. The machine is generating a tremendous amount of power, so it’s normal for it to heat up because of all the energy. There have been no widespread reports of the heat causing any damage to the components of the machine.

This hybrid hammer drill is an essential tool for any contractor or electrician because of the ease with which it chips away at concrete structures. This is an excellent entry-level hammer drill that isn’t made for heavier tasks, but its incredible balance, vibration dampening, and equal effectiveness as a rotary drill give it a clear edge over a more powerful, conventional hammer drill.

5.Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 18V Cordless Drill Review

Milwaukee is a name synonymous with durability in the cordless drill market, and the 2615-21CT M18 is an interesting addition to its line-up.

What makes this machine interesting is its design. This is a right-angle drill with a rather long handle and an uncommonly short head. This peculiar design is meant for drilling in tight spaces where a regular drill won’t reach and a smaller drill just won’t be powerful enough.

Right-Angle Body

This is a surprisingly balanced machine that immediately becomes an extension of your hand. This is to be expected from a drill that is basically a long solid bar, much like a flashlight. A rubbery non-slippery finish covers the grip and the trigger, providing extra control when reaching tighter areas.

Paddle Trigger

The paddle trigger on the device complements its right-angle body, making drilling easier. Drilling in a tight area can be an ordeal since there’s barely enough room to fit in the machine and your hand, let alone hold it the right way. A long paddle trigger means that you’ll always have your hand on it no matter how you’re holding the machine, which helps with accuracy.


  • 18V Li-ion battery
  • 3/8” chuck size
  • Maximum speed of 1500 RPM
  • Peak torque of 125 in-lb.
  • Weighs around 3.7 pounds

  • • Right-angle drilling angle
  • • Paddle trigger
  • • Excellent grip
  • • LED work light + indicator
  • • Not powerful enough for heavier tasks
  • • Heavier than other machines

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Customers who bought this machine usually know what they want and are quite satisfied with it. Apart from complimenting the machine’s design which simplifies drilling in tight areas, users also admire the added control they get from the paddle trigger. The LED light also garnered a few compliments as it is quite bright and lights up tight areas well enough for precision drilling.

This tool did not garner a lot of praise from people who attempted to use it for heavier drilling. This is to be expected as this drill has a specific purpose and more powerful drills are either bigger or heavier than this machine. Although it is not a strong machine, what it promises it delivers.

The Milwaukee 2615-21CT M18 is an incredibly well-balanced machine that will prove to be the solution to many of your drilling needs in tighter areas. It isn’t a heavy-duty drill but will handle light to moderate tasks with considerable ease and astonishing precision.


6.Black & Decker LDX120C Cordless Drill Review

Black & Decker’s LDX120C took the market by a storm when it was introduced. Although it’s no longer available directly from the company, it continues to be a favorite among homeowners and handymen.

Black & Decker is already a reliable name in power tools, and it has also made a name for itself in the cordless drill category. The LDX120C continues the tradition of convenient drills, delivering surprising performance at an incredibly economical price point which makes it one of the most affordable cordless drills out there. A powerful battery and a reasonable motor help it provide great value for money.

Long-Lasting Battery

The LDX120C comes with a powerful 20V battery, but it isn’t a drill meant for heavy maintenance tasks. What this essentially means is that the motor doesn’t consume a lot of power during tasks and because of this, the battery can last a sufficient amount of time. It does take the battery a couple of hours to charge up completely, but once charged, it can retain the charge for a whole 18 months if the machine isn’t used.

LED Work Light

This is fast becoming a common feature in drill machines today, but back when the LDX120C was released, it was rare. The LED light on this machine can be easily ignored until you find yourself working in the attic or under dark conditions. The built-in LED work light provides additional assistance to users, reducing the probability of error in maintenance tasks.


  • 20V Li-ion battery
  • 3/8” chuck size
  • Maximum speed of 650 RPM
  • Peak torque of 115 in-lb.
  • Weighs around 3.92 lb.

  • • Long-lasting battery
  • • Compact body.
  • • LED work light
  • • 11 adjustable chuck configurations
  • • more affordable on a tight budget
  • • Not powerful enough for heavy tasks
  • • Is only suitable for light metal, wood, and plastic
  • • Storage case not included

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

What customers appreciate most about the LDX120C is its price. It’s a cheap drill machine that homeowners can keep in their homes for regular maintenance tasks. It can also be left in the shed and forgotten. The lasting battery on this device means that it will be ready to use even if you’re coming back to it after a couple of months.

One concern that users have with the machine is that it wasn’t made for heavy-duty work. Although this much is obvious, the machine also shows its limitations when being used for long hours. The motor heats up if it’s used for a long time, which is potentially dangerous.

Despite its obvious limitations, if you know what you need it for and if you know exactly what you’re buying, you’ll be quite satisfied with the value this machine provides. It’s a nifty tool to keep around and, seeing as it isn’t a huge expense, well worth it in our opinion.

7.Bosch DDB181-02 Cordless Drill Review

The DDB181-02 is another powerful drill from Bosch that delivers impressive performance at a truly economical price.

Despite its powerful battery, the machine is considerably lighter than many others in the market owing to Bosch’s unique design and material choice. Due to its power and portability, it has become a favorite tool for contractors and many a handyman. It is also great for homeowners who find themselves involved in house modifications and heavy DIY.

Ergonomically Designed

The Bosch DDB181-02 is a compact and lightweight machine that puts less stress on the user than other machines of similar capabilities. Bosch’s patented Durashield housing and rubber padding make for a comfortable grip. The trigger and handgrip are exceptionally balanced to provide a comfortable user experience even during periods of extended use. The Durashield body also enhances the machine’s durability.

Impressive Power

This 18V machine will take care of all your regular maintenance tasks around the house, and it’ll do much more. With a max speed of 1300 RPM and an incredible torque of 350 in-lb., it’s impressive how powerful this machine is at its current price. It flies through small tasks and is exceptionally capable of more demanding maintenance activities like plumbing.


  • 18V Li-ion battery
  • Compact design
  • Max speed of 1300 RPM
  • Max torque of 350 in-lb.
  • 2 speed modes: heavy-duty and high-speed
  • • Incredible power in a compact body
  • • Reasonably priced
  • • Can drill through steel
  • • Has an LED light
  • • Flimsy storage case
  • • Chuck requires more tightening

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Customers appreciate the improved chuck on this device as compared to its predecessor. The overall build quality is of a standard that customers have come to expect from Bosch. Many customers have also observed how this machine is more compact and lighter than the previous version with a smaller motor yet manages to perform equally well. This congruence of form and power makes it a favorite among older users as well as handymen.

A complaint about the machine was its smaller batteries. The DDB181-02 comes with two 1.5 Ah batteries as compared to other 18V machines. At the same time, it’s considerably cheaper than other similar machines. The 1.5 Ah batteries are sufficient for a majority of tasks and an average user will be hard put to notice the difference in battery life for regular activities.

Bosch’s DDB181-02 provides big power in a small form factor. It goes without saying that it’s the perfect tool for handymen or homeowners who like doing their own plumbing and enjoy small renovations.

8.Bosch PS31-2A 12V Cordless Drill Kit Review

Not every job requires you to bring a sword to a knife fight, and the Bosch PS31-2A is designed exactly for such everyday light maintenance tasks.

The PS31-2A drill kit is a lightweight offering from the renowned power tools manufacturer, Bosch. When it comes to power tools, few companies are as well-loved as Bosch. This is a result of its continuing commitment to manufacturing reliable equipment. This 12V addition to its extensive line-up of cordless drills upholds the same standards of quality that Bosch is popular for.

A Lot of Power for 12V

12V drills are gaining popularity among both homeowners and contractors despite the fact that they are considerably less powerful than the commonly used 18V-20V drills. This is because they are easy to carry, last longer, and work well for most tasks. A contractor does not need a heavy-duty drill for every task, and this is truer for the average homeowner.

Due to the increasing demand, manufacturers have been hard at work maximizing the potential of a 12V, and the Bosch PS31-2A is what you get when things go right. This slim cordless drill can operate at a maximum speed of 1300 RPM with an impressive 265 in-lb. of torque that’s sufficient for most light to moderate drilling in considerable thicknesses of wood.

Durable Build Quality

Weighing at 2.14 lb., the Bosch PS31-2A is a lightweight tool that hasn’t compromised on build quality. Bosch has made the housing out of Durashield, which is a light but resilient material made from a blend of nylon and ABS. This allows it to be subjected to rough use without breaking.


  • 12V Li-ion battery is sufficient for everyday maintenance tasks
  • 2 different speed settings for better control over your tasks
  • Max speed of 1300 RPM puts it alongside more powerful devices
  • 265 in-lb. torque makes it one of the most powerful 12V models
  • 2 Ah batteries x 2 included

  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Sufficiently powerful for light maintenance tasks
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Cost-effective
  • Plastic chuck
  • Not powerful enough for heavy maintenance

Customers’ Reviews and Conclusion

Customers love the machine’s ergonomic handling and comfortable grip along with its lightweight and compact design. Many customers also appreciated the machine’s power and ability to carry out regular tasks.

However, a complaint that repeated itself was the quality of the machine’s chuck. Although the chuck is considerably well-built, it’s made from plastic. In Bosch’s defense, though, the focus of this machine is to keep it as lightweight as possible to make handling easier for older individuals.

The Bosch PS31-2A is comfortable to use and easy to carry around, and the sufficient power it offers makes it an ideal choice for any home.

Best Cordless Drill Buyer’s Guide

Consider the following factors to narrow down on the perfect tool for your needs.

1.Battery Type

Although almost all newer cordless drills come with a lithium-ion battery, it is still a good idea to double-check the type of battery the drill uses before purchasing. Li-ion batteries are lighter, longer running and more efficient, adding to the machine’s power.

2.Motor Type

As a general rule of thumb, for any kind of tool in the market today, a brushless motor is the best option. Traditional brushed motors comprised of brushes in their design that caused friction and energy loss. These brushes also wore down after a time and needed to be replaced in order for the machine to be performing at optimal efficiency. Hence, brushless motors are the way to go.


It determines how powerful the machine is and what you can use it for. More intensive tasks like masonry require a considerable amount of torque, while lighter tasks like drilling into wood require much less. For this reason, it is important to determine what exactly you will be using the machine for and select one with sufficient power to be useful for you.


What does the battery voltage tell about the drill?

Battery voltages essentially determine how powerful the tool will be. Cordless drills come with three primary voltage selections: 12V, 18V-20V, and 28V. Machines with a 12V battery can be used for lighter tasks like drilling holes into wood, while more powerful batteries can undertake more demanding tasks with considerable ease.

How much does an average cordless drill cost?

With cordless drills, you can expect to spend anywhere from $35 to $250, depending on the power and capabilities of the tool. Most homeowners do not need a high-end model to take care of light maintenance tasks. It is important to consider your requirements and spend only as much as you need to.

How long does a cordless drill take to charge?

Charging times differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, an 18V machine from one manufacturer can take 15-20 minutes to fully charge, while another drill with the same power could take a couple of hours.