Hitachi DS18DBFL2 18V Brushless Cordless Drill Review

This Hitachi 18V cordless drill review will analyze several characteristics of the Hitachi DS18DBFL2 brushless cordless drill as this device is considered one of the best cordless drill in the market.

We live in a time of incredible technological advancement. Most of us can claim we have seen technologies grow, evolve and even die in a short period of a decade. These growing advancements keep manufacturers on their toes. If they don’t develop, customers will move on to products that do.

Another effect of these rapidly growing technologies is that yesterday’s advancement becomes today’s value offering. Technologies become cheaper to manufacture or are replaced by the next improvement. This benefits the public as they get to experience premium technology at affordable rates.

This Hitachi drill set has a low-priced entry-level with drill driver that features a brushless motor. The benefits of a brushless motor in a compact and lightweight power tool have attracted much praise. It may not compare to heavy-duty drills, but this Hitachi 18V has plenty to be excited about.

Internals & Brushless Technology

Brushless cordless drill isn’t a widespread phenomenon in conventional drill world. Hitachi does that with this brushless motor technology. One benefit of a brushless cordless drill is that it requires less maintenance. the motor also delivers an even speed, which helps reduce hiccups.

The Hitachi DS18DBFL2 isn’t an expensive drill, but it’s quite powerful for the price you pay. This is also thanks to the brushless motor in this brushless cordless drill. It requires less charge to operate at maximum efficiency. The motor’s power efficiency allows you to work for hours without the battery running out of juice.

Hitachi 18V is an essential tool for everyday household maintenance tasks. It produces 620 in/lbs. Of torque and runs at a maximum speed of 1800 RPM. This is a good balance of power and efficiency at a very affordable price.

Hitachi uses heat-resistant internals for this drill driver model. This enables the motor and other essential components to stay cooler for longer. The drill won’t lose its efficiency during extended usage and will continue to deliver maximum torque and RPM.

The drill also comes with 22-stage + 1 clutch settings. What this means is that users can make use of 22 presets for torque settings. The torque can be adjusted as required depending on the job and type of surface being drilled on. The abundance of presets also helps save battery.

Comfortable Design

It’s not just the internal components that give this Hitachi brushless drill such exceptional value. The device is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress of extended use. When fitted with the batteries, the drill does not weight more than 3.5 lbs. This is exceptionally light for a tool with its drilling capabilities.

When compared to other drills of similar strength and those at the same price range, the Hitachi DS18DBFL2 brushless cordless drill requires less effort. It offers smooth manoeuvrability due to its lightweight. It’s also easier to carry out overheard tasks with precision because of the weight.

The handle is designed to evenly balance out the weight. The drill is more comfortable to hold, and longer tasks don’t become stressful for the muscles. A soft rubber coating covers the handle to increase comfort and reduce slippage.

LED work lights have become an essential component of any good drill driver. This Hitachi cordless drill comes with an integrated bright LED light to brighten up dark corners. It helps when working in the basement or attic or when working outdoors in the dark.

An included belt clip is an excellent addition which only a few manufacturers think of. The belt hook lets you keep the tool close even when you have to switch to another device or move around the worksite. It also reduces the chances of forgetting the drill on one corner of the worksite and having to come back to get it.

Hitachi DS18DBFL2 brushless cordless drill Specifications

  • Brushless motor increases efficiency and consumes less power
  • 620 in/lbs. of torque and 1800 RPM maximum turning speed
  • 5-inch keyless ratcheting chuck holds drill bits securely
  • 22 presets to adjust torque for various tasks
  • Long-running lithium-ion battery covered by a 2-year battery warranty and 1-year on the Hitachi drill charger
  • Integrated LED work light increases visibility and precision in dark areas
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design reduces stress and makes for comfortable usage
  • Included belt hook which is reliable and helps carry the tool around the worksite

Customer Reviews and Conclusion

The Hitachi DS18DBFL2 is a high-power drill at a low price. This, along with its reliability, has generated plenty of satisfied customers. They praise the drill’s value for money and durability. A generous tool and battery warranty has also garnered appreciation.

Another reason for the drill’s popularity is its ability to carry out a multitude of tasks on multiple surfaces. The variable torque helps with this as well as the large 0.5-inch keyless chuck. The chuck can accept larger drill bits for more demanding work, should the need arise.

Customers who have used other drills also compared the Hitachi 18v battery life to others. Some customers noted that it outperforms some drills with similar batteries. The most likely reason for this is the power efficiency of the brushless motor and the variable torque presets.

With Weighing at 3.5 lbs, the DS18DBFL2 is incredibly light and extremely comfortable to hold. This is a welcome factor for any power tool and has been complemented by both homeowners and handymen. Homeowners demand a device that isn’t too difficult to use, and handymen appreciate one that they can use for long hours without tiring out. The drill’s heat resistance is an added bonus.

Although customers have little to complain about the drill at this price, there is one recurring concern. The battery indicators on the tool are of little help. Where some cordless drills feature elaborate LED indicators on the battery packs, Hitachi goes with a 2-LED indicator on the device itself. This is hardly helpful as it can only tell if the battery is above or below 50 per cent.

This Hitachi cordless tool is one of the cheapest brushless motor drill drivers you can buy. It impresses with several advanced features, torque, and efficiency. The device does lack in some areas, but at this price, these shortcomings are easily forgiven. Despite being an entry-level drill, you’ll hardly face a situation where this drill does not stand up to the task you throw at it.

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